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History Of The Ford Grenada

The Ford Granada was built and sold by the Ford Motor Company from 1975 to 1982 in North America. The Granada was a mid sized car with a front engine, rear wheel drive layout, and came available as either a two door coupe, a four door sedan, or a station wagon. After a successful eight year run, the Granada was discontinued in 1983.

Ford Granada

The Ford Granada survived two generations since its introduction in 1975. The first generation of the Ford Granada ranged from 1975-1980. The Granada was offered to customers as a luxurious upgrade over the fuel efficient Ford Maverick, and was a rival to the Mercedes-Benz 280 and the Lincoln Versailles. The design of the first generation Ford Granada was similar to that of the Ford Maverick or Mercury Comet, only it also included the comfort and convenience of a Ford LTD. In 1978, minor modifications were made to the headlights, tail lights, curved front windshield, and mirrors, giving the Granada a more modernized look for that time. Although the curved windshield gave the car a sportier look, it was hard to come by cheap windshield replacement options. Others will argue that it was the water pump replacement cost that led to many frustrated owners.

The second generation of the Ford Granada had a two year run from 1981-1982. This generation of the Granada had a major make over, borrowing its longer-wheelbase from the Ford Fox platform, and it had a similar body to that of a stripped down Mercury Cougar. Since the Maverick was discontinued in 1978, the second generation Granada shared the same mechanical components of the Ford Fairmont. In 1981, the Ford Granada came available in a two door and four door sedan. In 1982, the two door sedan model was discontinued and replaced by a mid size station wagon model. Also in 1982, the Granada became to first car since the Great Depression where Ford began to stamp its infamous blue oval logo onto the car’s exterior.

Finally, in 1983, the Ford Motor Company discontinued the Ford Granada in favor of making way for newer models of the Ford LTD.

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